Mntanenkosi Mandela meets Miss and Mr world

He's only three months old and he has rubbed shoulders with two of the world's most best looking women.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM

mandla and rabia mandela expecting their first child

The youngest member of the Royal Mandela Family, Mntanenkosi Mandela Ikraam Mandela is without a doubt a Mandela. Like his late great-grandfather Nelson Mandela, he's everyone's favourite.


The little boy's face is still hidden from us but from that handful of hair, we can tell that he is a cutie. The Mandela's went on a family vacation to the Phillipeans where the Miss and Mr world conference was held, of which Mandla Mandela attends every year.


The Royal family are still out of the country and have made a pit stop in the Big apple where they showed their little boy only a snippet of the life he will have.


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