Monde and Nonceba separated by a memory card but reunited by love

Monde and Nonceba might've had a rocky start to their relationship, but things eventually brightened up for the better.

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Our Perfect Wedding

NonceboΒ and Monde met whilst NonceboΒ was headed to the shops. Little did she know that she would be charmed by Monde's aura.Β 

After their brief encounter on that day to the shops, the two dated for three months, however, things turned pear shaped real quick after a very silly encounter that involved theft from Monde's side.

According to the couple, Monde had stolen Noncebo's memory card from her new phone. Monde denied that he stole the memory card, which then suddenly lead to their break-up, although we suspect that other factors were also the reason why they broke up for 3-years.

Thankfully, true love conquers all. The couple got back together but the couple was then met with another challenge which involved Monde's side-chicks.

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Monde and Nonceba separated by a memory card but reunited in love

The two did not break up as Monde assured his wife-to-be that he was done with his player ways. He even made an announcement on national TV that he was doing away with all his player ways and told his side-chicks that he is now on the straight and narrow.

The biggest highlight of the show was definitely the wedding convoy which consisted of BMW's which were cut in half.

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Viewers were two-sided about the cars, others liked the concept.

Whilst others were not too convinced.

Like any other wedding, there were a few hiccups here and there. Noncebo, who was sporting a traditional headgear which was sewn onto her head had decided to wear a weave over the headgear as it did not match with her wedding gown.

Things became awkward when Noncebo's hairstylist struggled to put the weave on, even Thembisa was a bit concerned at this moment.


It really looked like a struggle to fit a weave onto the headgear, for a moment it seemed like the weave wasn't going to fit.


Thankfully the woman who was putting on the weave saved the day.

Someone even suggested the lady be endorsed with a make-over show after winning that headgear battle.

What we also found interesting about this particular wedding was how Monde and Noncebo's marriage customs were different to what we're used to.Β 

The entire wedding even the church service was held at Monde's home. The wedding started off with the priest calling on the couple so as to give them blessings over their wedding rings, the couple did not wear their western outfits first only after the wedding had been blessed did bride and groom wear their suit and white wedding gown.

Blessings of the wedding rings

Some may not have understood this process but we found it to be quite interesting.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mathetha.

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