Moneoa and Donald hit the studio

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

If you've been secretely praying for a Moneoa and Donald collaboration, then consider your prayers answered. The two musicians recently had a studio session together and they have promised to give their fans something epic.

In a video uploaded on Instagram, they said: "We are about to do some dope work up in here. We're about to kill it, we're about to make history, we're about to unleash a bomb." Whoa, it sounds like they're putting pressure on themselves now. But that's great because it seems they will deliver a great hit.

Donald hardly ever fails to deliver with his collaborations. In the past few months he's teamed up with Bucie as well as Danny K for songs that have become instant hits. Moneoa, on the other hand... well, she just has that kind of voice that you can't go wrong with. We're very sure these two won't disappoint and we really can't wait to hear this one. 

I suppose the real question is, what kind of hit can we expect from these two? Slow and emotional, or fast paced and dancy?