Morale throws shade at AKA

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Morale is still a rapper, just in case you were wondering! Although I can't recall many of his songs right now, he seems to believe that he's made a great contribution to the South African hip hop industry. No, I'm not joking.

In an interview with V Entertainment this week, Morale shared his happiness at the current state of SA hip hop. He said on the show: "Hip hop has changed and it's the number one genre in SA right now. I feel like I have won the Lotto. I am so happy to be standing here, saying this because it's real. I mean finally, it's been a real struggle for hip hop."

He added that when he started rapping, a lot of people weren't trying to hear English rap. "They weren't even trying to hear nothing. We are the cats that broke into the industry, all while rapping in English. The people that were there [on the hip hop scene] at the time were Skwatta Kamp, and there were a lot of kasi-rap-type styles out there. We came out and we raised the standards... Up until now the levels of hip hop have been rising up until the last two years, when hip hop just took over. Not only South Africa but the continent."

Morale also reminded AKA that he didn't make English rap cool. He explained: "I heard AKA saying in one of the songs, he was like 'yo, I'm the first cat to rap in English and made it big'. No, cat. We were long there. Me, Proverb; I mean we come from the school of making English raps likeable. And then you came after us."

What was AKA's response to this? Check out the tweet below:

Morale added that there would be no L-tido if it wasn't for him. "L-Tido got into the game and he learnt the ropes through my mistakes and what I was doing. I pulled him into the game."

Err... I didn't know that Morale had done so much for SA hip hop. Either I've been living under a rock, or he has a slightly different view of rap in South Africa than the rest of us (And when I say 'slightly' what I really mean is 'very, extremely twisted').