More rawness to come on Dineo's Diary

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Air punch! One of our favourite local reality makes a return this week. Season four of Dineo’s Diary airs on the 3rd of April (The same day that Riky Rick's new album, Family Values releases) on Vuzu Amp  and it’s time to get personal again with Dineo. This time the multi-talented mother of two invites viewers to walk a mile in her shoes and we all know that being Dineo Ranaka sure comes with its own pros and cons.

“In season 3 we saw the professional hustle and struggle that I had to face in establishing myself as an entrepreneur and business woman. I think sometimes it was exhausting for viewers to keep up with everything that was going on in that aspect of my very busy life.”

Season 4 will still focus on Dineo’s entrepreneurial career, however, in this season she’ll also place more focus on her personal journey and strengthening her relationships with her mother, children and siblings.  For those who have followed Dineo's diary from season 1 will be glad to know that their favourite reality star is still as dramatic, obnoxious, delightfully entertaining, opinionated and yes, even as raw as before.

“That is a huge part of who I am – what you see is what you get” – said the reality star

In season 4 Dineo will still continue to share the ins and outs of her love-life but she is also adamant to show that, as an individual she has grown and has no interest in trying to impress anyone.

“I am 31 now and I don’t feel that pressure to please everyone, so viewers will see me in a far more centred state – a contrast to previous seasons where my life was quite choppy and hectic.”

Looks like Friday will be a day filled with local entertainment and excitement! We can't wait!