Mpho Maboi on other women bashing her on social media

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Mpho Maboi on women bashing trolls

Sports personality Mpho Maboi expressed that she used to let social media trolls get to her easily, but nowadays she’s learned to ignore them - especially if it is other women bashing her.

In an interview on the Great Escape on Metro FM, Mpho mentioned that it is actually those women who want to be in the sports industry that troll her mostly on social media.

“In the beginning it used to affect me, social media used to affect me so much. But now I’ve learned that more often then not, when someone doesn’t have anything nice to say, it’s easier to be mean," Maboi said.

"What’s also interesting is that when another woman is being mean towards me, I’ve discovered that it’s because they actually want to be in sports.

mpho maboi on women bashing trolls

"They’re frustrated somehow and they can’t get in. So they lash out at me because it’s easier which is the saddest thing because it’s easier to just ask me.

"I receive so many e-mails from women who ask me how to get in the sporting industry and I’m the type of person to give you proper

feedback. But if you’re going to just gun at me I’m not going to pay you any mind.

"People will nitpick how I look but how often do you tell Thomas Mlambo, Robert Marawa, and Phumlane Msibi how they’re dressed?

"Why do you care so much about how I’m dressed? Care about what’s coming out of my mouth. There, you are telling me something constructive but if you care so much about what I’m wearing I’ll see you next week, hold on a bit."

In the interview, Mpho Maboi was also asked about her opinion on the topic of blessers and she mentioned that she prays that when her daughter is grown enough, the phase of blessers will have ended a long time ago.

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