Is Nasty C Boity's ghostwriter?

We've had our suspicions

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

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A career in ghostwriting is hardly ever sustainable in the South African music industry, especially in a poetic and lyrical sport such as hip-hop.

Its been a minute since television presenter turned rapper, Boity Thulo released her debut track titled, Wuz Dat. The lyrics on the song are not bad for someone that has no rap background and that left many wondering if Nasty C borrowed Boity his pen game.

SABC 3's popular late-night show, WTF Tumi, recently interviewed Nasty C. During the interview, he indirectly signalled that he might have written the song. Boity has always maintained that she was pushed to dip her fingers in rap by Nasty C hence the two are close friends.

Look, whether Wuz Dat was written by Nasty C or not, we love the song.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@nastycsa