Nick Cannon apologises to Mariah

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Well, well, well. It looks like Nick Cannon isn't as ready to let Mariah Carey walk away as we all thought. The America's Got Talent star recently confessed that ''there is trouble in paradise’’ and that the duo have been ''living in separate houses for a few months'' a week ago. However it's been revealed that Nick paid Mariah a visit at her home in New York City on Tuesday. It's believed that Nick is feeling guilty, especially because he knows he upsets Maria by speaking out of turn.

A source told E! News: ''She asked Nick to come over to the apartment yesterday to talk - that's why he was there. She told him she needed to get out of town and she was taking the kids with her. Nick was fine with it. The reports about him being concerned about the welfare of the kids aren't true. If he was worried, the kids wouldn't be with her, period. He thinks she's a good mom.''

The couple, who got hitched in 2008, both agree that if things continue in this way then it will be the job of Mariah Carey, 44, to one to confirm their separation. If you believe the rumours, Mariah is fed up and "done taking a passive role"in their relationship.

The source added: ''She told him there would be one announcement about the divorce and it was going to come from her team. Nick said he was fine with this too. He knows he really upset her by speaking out of turn last week and has apologised for it.''

A companion near Carey spoke a while ago and confirmed that the singer was ''devastated’ by Cannon's remarks a week ago in light of the fact that ''they had agreed to work on a statement together.''