The Nico Matlala drama is messy!

Social media has been set ablaze with the relationship drama between a popular blogger, his girlfriend and the celebrity-serial-dater she moved on with 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

The Nico Matlala drama finally got interesting

You're probably already tired of seeing the drama between so-called celebrity stylist, 'Shaun Stylist,' his ex-girlfriend Lebohang and her new boyfriend construction businessman, Nico Matlala but things are just starting to get interesting.

When the news first broke, we honestly just kept scrolling but now that we've connected the dots in this love hexagon (because a triangle just doesn't have enough sides to accommodate all those involved), we're ready to pay some attention to presenting you all with the facts. 

Shaun Andlie Naki who is quite popular on social media as Shaun Stylist and his ex, Lebohang Mabe had racked up quite a following under the hashtag/moniker AndiHang (a combination of their names). But a small group of social media users were shook when Lebohang was pictured boo'ed up with someone new in the form of the 32-year-old Matlala.  

nico and lebohang

If you feel as though you may have seen Matlala somewhere before, then it may be because he's a fan of dating famous women. He has previously been linked to actress Winnie Ntshaba as well as songstress KB Motsilanyane (whom he was reportedly set to wed). 

KB Motsilanyane and Nico Matlala

The couple even got a home together in Centurion in addition to Matlala reportedly buying KB a BMW to the value of R1 Million. He later dumped her and she had to move out of their home. 

KB moving out // Mdu Ndzingi
KB Motsilanyane moves out // Mdu Ndzingi
KB moving out // Mdu Ndzingi

He then moved on to ANN 7 news anchor Palesa Madisakwane who he broke up with a few weeks ago. It was reported that Madisakwane tried to take her life after the break up but she shut those reports down saying "I'm a mother and a God-fearing woman. A woman of my integrity, values and class would never try to commit suicide for a man she has known for less than three months."

Before adding, "this was not even a serious relationship. In my view it was just a friendship that I was just having fun in. I'm a woman. I have a choice. If I wanted a serious relationship I would look for it in a man who is very mature and has a particular class."

Nico and Palesa

The pair allegedly broke up due to issues with the mother of Nico's child, Phumzile Shezi whom he dated after his break up with KB. Shezi fell pregnant while with Nico and they broke up when she was seven months along. 

Daily Sun reported that Shezi stalked and threatened Madisakwane as she held her responsible for "stealing" the good life she had with Matlala. 

Phumzile Shezi

All these women, and more recently came forward to detail their experiences with Matlala to City Press, who seems to have insulted all of them and defrauded a few out of thousands of rands. 

While Madisakwane and Shezi may have had some conflict, Madisakwane says that it was Matlala's behaviour that ended their relationship. In addition to wanting her and her children to move in with him just 3 months after their relationship began, he was angered by the fact that she had removed the pictures they had taken together off her Instagram. So angered in fact that he dumped her because of it and proceeded to send her angry voice notes littered with vulgar language. 

According to Madisakwane, he then tried to ignite a rivalry between herself and Ntshaba which Ntshaba confirmed. 

“We were being played here. He would tell me this about Palesa, and thereafter, off he went to tell Palesa things about me. We can’t allow a small boy to come here and want us to fight over him, as that would never happen; we are grown women in our forties. We can’t allow our names, which we worked hard for, to be dragged through the mud like this, not now and not ever,” she said.

A number of women came forward and detailed their dealings with him, among which include an unpaid R60,000 loan and a car that was sold for cash without the owner's knowledge. 

When contacted about all these allegations against him, Matlala said that these women were merely bitter and that he would reveal all the "dirt" he had collected about all of them and their "shady dealings."

“I slept with Winnie at my house. Everything is recorded and I will reveal them once they try to outsmart me,” he added. 

The publication then transcribed the wild voice notes they had received from the parties involved. 

Nico Matlala conversation transcription

Matlala has already moved on to the aforementioned Mabe and as part of the social media storm surrounding their new relationship, fake Facebook pages have sprung up addressing the questions surrounding their relationship. Nico has even addressed this asking people to leave him and Lebohang in peace. 

nico and lebohang
nico and lebohang

Wow! Like we said, it's messy. 


According to Sunday Sun, Nico and his fiance Lebo are allegedly not together anymore.

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