Nonhle Ndala gushes about her twins on Top Billing

Ever since the birth of her twins, the fitness fanatic and WAG has become elusive 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

nonhle ndala top billing

Nonhle Ndala's third pregnancy has to be one of SA's best kept secrets. She even deleted her Instagram in order to protect it but she stepped out of hiding four weeks before she gave birth in order to give SABC 3 show, Top Billing, a rare interview. 

Speaking to Ayanda Thabethe, Ndala confirmed the fact that she was carrying a boy and a girl and she admitted that keeping everything under wraps was difficult. 

"It's been hard. You know, a pregnancy is something that you want to celebrate and embrace. You know it's something you get excited about and I couldn't," said Ndala. 

Ndala and Thabethe then went to swimming lessons with Ndala's second child, and Andile's first, Amahle, aged 5. Ndala also has a teenage daughter, named Aurelie, from a  previous relationship.  

nonhle ndala top billing

The twins will be Jali and Ndala's second leap into parenthood as a couple. Ndala described Amahle as independent, stubborn and confident in herself so she hoped that would make it easier for her to devote the first few months to taking care of the twins. 

She also invited the show into her home as a showcase for her interior deco talents in order to introduce fans to her business, Deco Republic as well. Her business has been keeping her busy as her beau is abroad playing for his Belgian team. 

In the weeks since the insert was filmed, Ndala gave birth to two healthy babies whom she and Andile named Andile Jnr and Amarè Jali keeping in line with the exotic names starting with 'A' that she has given her children thus far.

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