Ntando Duma's Umemulo ceremony

Duma Ntando enters womanhood

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Duma Ntando's memulo

Rhythm City actress, Ntando Duma showed everyone that underneath all the glitz and glamour of the celebrity life, she is a proud Zulu girl who  loves and celebrates her culture.

Crazy and chilled girl Ntando celebrated her Umemulo (a coming of age ceremony) on Saturday the 15th of October in Orange Farm.

So according to Ntando's caption, her Umemulo pictures were highlighted as nudity by some reports. Anyway at least the young lady is showing some pride towards her culture.

Namsi iFirst Born KaMama #uMemuloKaNtando 🔑❤️ 📸 : @eddgodson

A photo posted by Ms Ntando Fleekiswa Duma (@dumantando) on

Musician Candy Tsa Mandela showed face at the ceremony to show support for the proud Zulu girl, Ntando.

Earlier this year, Ntando was spotted with a ring on her finger, raising many question as to whether she is engaged or not.

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