Ntsiki Mazwai tells promoters where to get off

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Its no secret that as of recent times Ntsiki Mazwai has become known for rubbing people off the wrong way rather than for her talents. Not too long ago she had a public tiff with AKA, her and Euphonik still send subliminal Twitter shots towards each other and just last week her and Brickz had a bit of a rumble in the Twitter jungle.

Ntsiki had recently commented on Brickz drug addiction and current court case: “I think drugs pushed Brickz over the edge... I don’t think he would be in this mess had he been a sober man.” - She said.

Apperantly her comment had the kwaito star fuming in anger to such an extent that he began to play ugly by threatening to leak Ntsiki's naked pictures for the public to see. Brickz! haai sana uwrongo.

As you might be aware Ntsiki is not one to bite her tongue for anyone, not even for people who put food on her table.  Especially if they're not competent in their work.

Just last night Ntsiki vocalized her frustration towards unprofessional promoters who continue to treat artists like faeces.


It seems like these promoters never learn now do they, as for Brickz threatening to leak Ntsiki's naked pictures did they have a fling going on that we did not know of?

Credit Image:Facebook.Ntsiki Mazwai