Number 1 besties: Claire Mawisa and Felicity Shiba

They were both SABC 1 continuity presenters back in the 90's and they are still the best of friends.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM


Keeping authentic friendships in the entertainment industry can be a bit difficult, especially considering how fickle the industry can be. But not for Claire and Felicity who have managed to keep their friendship strong for years on end. Maybe it's because they're not really into this whole hoopla surrounding the local entertainment industry.

Both are mothers, former models, and thriving women in their careers respectively, so it's not surprising that Claire and Felicity have become the best of friends.

Spotted on this throwback publicity photo shoot on the top row, Felicity and Claire have grown very close throughout the years.


What we've also come to respect about the two ladies is the great support they show each other, especially when it comes to their careers.


Felicity who shied away from the spotlight years after she stopped being a continuity presenter on SABC 1 branched more into fashion and is also a fashion designer and an avid golf player as well. Claire wore this gorgeous pink gown from the Shiba Fashion collection at last years M-Net Birthday celebration and we must say she looked regal in that gown. Great work Felicity!


From what we've heard, Claire and Felicity are just two best friends who love life and are always down for a good time.

By the way, how gorgeous are these throwback pictures of both ladies?


What a wow!


Much respect to these besties.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Clairemawisa