NyanNyan: The serial cheating couple

When is this show going to receive the recognition it deserves for the trashiest shows on TV?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Luyanda Potwana

As trashy as it may be, we can't deny that Nyan'Nyan truly represents the truth about many relationships in society.

And it really just shows that we are all capable of becoming serial cheaters and it's even worse if you're both, as a couple, guilty of being such. And that is exactly what we witnessed on Tuesday evening's episode ofΒ Nyan'Nyan.

Whilst Watching this particular episode you would think that the couple being interviewed was in a competition to see who would have the highest number of side dishes.Β 

Well, in this case, not surprisingly so, the boyfriend had cheated with four women whilst the girlfriend had cheated three times.


If that did not spell disaster, we don't know what would and of course, Twitterville was ready to offer all its knowledge about relationships and cheating.

Here are a few tweeps we definitely agree with.

Yep, men cheat for sex whilst women cheat in search of something better. Well, in most cases.

This tweet is sad but true, if he can cheat on you four times, what's stopping him from cheating on you for the fifth, sixth and seventh time? And the only way you can stop this heartache is by leaving him. Simple.

And of course men will defend their cheating ways, but it's ok, no one is innocent in this case.

We couldn't have said it better.

Wait a minute? Is this true?

And this is so true....

But did you know that Luyanda is preparing to showcase his own documentary?

And the best Tweet from the show is this one.

So as much as we judge the people who come on Nyan'Nyan at least we all end up learning a bit more about relationships and self-worth.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@LuyandaPotwana