Opinion: It’s not cute or funny to refer to Somizi as “a he/she”

It perpetuates the idea that people are homosexual because they are confused and they are not.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Opinion: It’s not cute or funny to refer to Somizi as “a he/she”

There are a few certainties in life, and one of those certainties is the fact that someone, somewhere WILL post a homophobic comment or tweet in reference to Somizi whenever a publication shares an article about him.

While homophobia is nothing new, it’s a particular brand of homophobia that bothers me; the kind that perpetuates the idea that Somizi is only gay because he confused about whether he is a woman or a man. 

In case you still have not realized, Somizi is a man and he knows that. He just so happens to be sexually attracted to men and enjoy wearing women’s clothes on a regular basis. It is in no way a reflection of this imaginary confusion we have cooked up about gay people.

You didn’t choose to be heterosexual, you were just born liking someone of the opposite sex. So why can’t someone else be born homosexual? We argue that heterosexuality is humanity’s default setting but there hasn’t been any definitive scientific proof of this. Only observed and religious reasoning fueled by homophobic bias.

In addition to being attracted to people of the same sex, gay and lesbian people are just people who feel no need to be confined by man-made ideas (gender ideals)  about what makes a man or a woman.


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In fact, if you’re going around calling Somizi a “he/she,” you’re the only one who is confused because, despite his mannerisms, it is evident that Somizi is a man and he is perfectly happy to be one.

It is also quite tasteless for people to marvel at the fact that he has a daughter. There is nothing astonishing about that as Somizi still has also the necessary biological components required to make a child and they work just fine. 

News flash: being gay doesn’t magically render you impotent or sterile.

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So what if he gets his hair braided or he wears blouses, heels and make-up? There is no real institutional law that dictates manhood, manhood is merely a social construct.

You choose to live as a man/woman based on what other people have told you is the right way to live and if mere humans can make the rules on how to live for others, there is nothing weird or unnatural about the likes of Somizi and Sade Giliberti choosing to make their own rules.

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