OPW follow-ups we'd love to see

Our Perfect Wedding needs to follow up on these couples.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM


The 2016 seasons of Our Perfect Wedding have truly entertained us, from close to perfect weddings to disastrous ones, we loved them all.

However, we wouldn't mind getting,  a follow up on some of our favourite episodes;

Bridezilla vs Jessica Nkosi

Her name was Mrs Ron Folorunsho the rudest bride we have ever seen in all the seasons of OPW. We don't know if Ron was intimidated by Jessica's beauty or she just genuinely didn't like her but really, she could've at least pretended she liked Jessica. 


Everytime Jessica appeared, the bride looked terribly annoyed, the only reason we'd love do a follow up on this couple is because we'd like to see Ron make a public apology to Jessica unless she has and we're unaware of it. But seriously Jessica didn't deserve to be treated like that.

The Dladla's

Probably one of the best episodes of the show, Mr and Mrs Dladla gave us such a beautiful wedding we even rated it 10/10 

Gugu and Sipho's wedding was really perfect, the reason we'd want a follow-up on their wedding is to really figure out how they managed to get it right when it came to their OPW wedding.

We couldn't fault this wedding, it was just too perfect and we loved it.

Actually, Gugu and Sipho's wedding reminds us of Bab' Hle and Mam' Hle's perfect wedding which aired recently.

The Dladla's
The wedding on the rocks

Shame, all Siya and Phindile Zubane  ever wanted was a beautiful wedding on the beach, but all they received was a windy and wet wedding on a rocky shore.

Look, a wedding on the beach whilst watching the sunset is such a romantic narrative but what we see in movies doesn't exactly present itself as romantically as we would've thought in reality.

Phindile and Siya, unfortunately, received the raw end of the stick when their wedding turned into a disaster. When a strong gust of wind coupled with their wedding decor getting soaked in water, we couldn't help but feel sorry for the couple.

However, our highlight for this show was when Siya picked up his bride and walked over the water so they could get to the altar. 

Opw on the rocks

Phindile might've shared a few tears because of the beach incident but the wedding ended up being ok, would love to hear the couple's thoughts after the wedding on the beach and their advice to other couples who would love to have their wedding on the beach.

Side note, remember this picture?


OPW wedding on the rocks

Oh yes, last but not least we'd like to know if Mthi got refunded for this questionable suit. Another great reason why we need follow ups on these couples.

Opw red suit

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