OPW goes gangster

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:58 PM

This Sunday’s OPW left every ride or die chick in awe. Needless to say it also showed how guys can really step up for their ride or dies. The couple, who are both said to be younger than 35, have five children between them and a failed marriage.

The bride is older than the groom, and from what we gathered, the groom’s family was not too keen on accepting the bride into the family. This was further perpetuated by the fact that the second day of the wedding, which occurs at the groom’s home, was subsequently cancelled and a later date was set. This raised many eyebrows – I mean, who cancels a wedding the day before? In most African cultures it is said to be taboo to cancel or even postpone a wedding, so far that, if a person dies in the week of your wedding, their funeral is either set after the wedding or even the morning of, but the wedding stays put!

If you missed last weeks OPW episode you can check it out right here.

Anyway, this week’s bride was chubby Dinah – I mention chubby, because, her wedding dress was the perfect fit and shape for her figure. I wish all brides would take a leaf from this wedding. 

It was a perfectly planned wedding with minimal detrimental blunders. So we give this wedding a well-deserved 7 out of 10.

Here’s where they lost their points;

-  The caterer outdid herself, the décor was stunning, however, the colour scheme chosen by the bride was hideous. Watermelon, yellow and grey. No!

-  The groom had his suit sorted, but the day before the wedding, he chose a darker version. We are not sure where it was conjured up, but it hung off him like a badly window-dressed mannequin.

-  The bride handed over a vintage Pontiac to a clearly inexperienced driver, who crashed into another car and scarred the Pontiac. I mean really – why not  hire a professional driver? We know the price to pay will hurt!

Then there was this embarrassing scene with bridesmaids jumping onto the bonnet of the white BMW that was being spun in the dust. We saw some unsavouriness when the dresses flew up.

Other than this, we were impressed by the simplicity and prettiness of the bridal entourage, which consisted mainly of the bride and groom’s children; 

Most importantly, the couple looked gorgeous, particularly in their traditional attire. And they looked like they were out to enjoy their day - smiles all around and dancing like it was their last day of freedom. 

We loved this wedding though. It was bright and fun. Gangsterism aside 

Although, we are waiting for the producers of the show to include age verification!