OPW: SA's very own Bonnie and Clyde

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

After the disaster that was the episode 6, we finally saw a perfect wedding on last night's episode of Our Perfect Wedding Last week we were introduced to a couple who met in a taxi, planned their wedding for 11 months only to have the bridesmaid's first attires not ready on the day of the wedding. They were also running around for loans the morning of the wedding.
But like I said, last night we saw the perfect wedding. The first time this season really, with the entire episode having the makings of a real life fairy tale.
The couple’s story was not new for the common township dweller, but for #OPW, very refreshing. The story is;

The groom was a hardened criminal locked up in Pretoria’s maximum security prison for 9 years after their relationship had begun. What was he in for, you ask? Cash in transit heist! My goodness – could this be the script for South Africa’s next best movie? He was released in 2009, with an ultimatum from his then girlfriend to clean up his act or ship out. She (the bride) had kept herself for her man, and stood by him during his incarceration and he felt this was worthy of his love and respect. Isn't that beautiful?

But back to the wedding, which got a whooping 8/10 from me. But where did they lose the points?
The wedding seemed budget-less, with the dress and rings being purchased the day before the wedding. However, I would like to discuss what could have possessed the bride to wear that feather atrocity? Granted, the bodice of the dress was pretty, but really the skirt was disappointing to say the least. But I'm minussing one point for choosing your dress the day before and making a bad choice!

Then there was the groom’s 3 piece Dolce and Gabbana suit with an Egyptian cotton shirt – he looked so uncomfortable shame. This is when we are shown explicilty that less could be more. On top of all this, his jacket was always buttoned up. Hayi noh!

Why it was a perfect wedding?

The rest of the wedding was gorgeous, well done to the décor caterers, the bridesmaids and groomsmen (or groomsmaids as the bride kept referring to them) and the bridal vehicle entourage and the bouquet were all stunning!

After you're done with OPW; you should probably check out Mzansi's new hottest show, Umlilo (no pun intended):

Can you picture a man with multiple wives, one of whom is Nomzamo Mbatha? Umlilo is bringing polygamy back into fashion!
Back to OPW, The traditional attires also looked lovely – both the Hindu and Ndebele traditions were represented nicely.

Although it seemed as if everything was done at the last minute, the bride seemed to have everything under control. With the cake and even a stunning bouquet of real flowers.
I am so proud of #OPW’s Bonnie and Clyde with their ride or die kind of love! I wish them wealth and prosperity, whether it is through cash in transit heists or not.