#OPW: Zwakhele & Nombulelo Have their Perfect Wedding

This week's featured OPW couple was Nombulelo Nyaba and Zwakhele Ndaba from Tembisa who have been together for 19 years. 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM


Zwakhele told the story of how he knew he wanted to marry her from the first moment he saw her in 1997 and continuously pursued her relentlessly after that. She made it hard for him at first. 


Their families apparently loved them for each other but she didn't. She was was too preoccupied with a boyfriend who had gone to prison at the time. 

Zwakhele and Nombulelo eventually got together but were soon struck by tragedy in the form of a miscarriage during her first pregnancy with twins and the loss of a third child who died due to a heart defect. They were later blessed with three healthy sons. 


The couple said they wanted to appear on OPW to create a memory that they could one day show their children. 


Unlike most couples who usually start with the white wedding, this week's couple chose to start with the traditional celebrations and ceremonies. 


On the day of the white wedding, there was a bit of drama with the busses to transport family and friends as well as the bride to the wedding venue. Although it delayed them quite a bit, they eventually got to the venue with the bride arriving in a vintage Mercedes Benz. 

There was also a touching moment between the bride, her mom and Thembisa, when Thembisa asked the mother of the bride how she thinks her husband would feel about the wedding day. Her mother was brought to tears at the thought of how happy her late husband would have been had he been alive to see his daughter get married. 


Back to the wedding, Zwakhele and Nombulelo had an outdoor setup at the church which was different from most of the ceremonies we usually see on the show. Most ceremonies are either held outside at a separate venue or indoors at the church - never outside the actual church. 

The ceremony was beautiful and it went off without a hitch. Even the kiss was tame. 


The reception tent was also beautifully decorated and the colour scheme translated even better in the tent than it did on the bridesmaids. During the reception, the couple later changed into some vintage inspired clothing before the bride gave the bouquet to her older sister as an expression of her wish that her sister can find love too. 


For someone who didn't want Zwakhele in the beginning, Nombulelo looks happy to be married to him. 


Congratulations to the happy couple. 

Image credit: Twitter