Our favourite TV trouble makers

Love them or hate them but they still make our favorite TV shows a little more interesting.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Our favorite TV trouble makers

So we have a love hate relationship with this bunch but as much as they annoy us, can you imagine your favorite show without them?

These characters make certain shows and sometimes we get some of our meme's from these trouble makers. Their facial expressions never cease to amaze us, especially when they're in trouble. 

They having a bit of an awkward relationship right now but these two are always plotting. If it's not against each other then they're helping each other plot against someone else. Romeo and Yv are just troublesome, and adding Neo to the mix just creates a troublesome threesome..

Our favorite Tv trouble makers

Mapaseka Koetle Nyokong

But what is Scandal without Didintle?

Didintle is a hilarious character, from the way she talks, the way she's always scaring away Quinton's girlfriends and her don't care attitude. We're pretty sure you can hear her voice saying "hey wena" as you read this, can't you?

This video of her and Kagiso is hilarious! 

Tholukuthi we don't know our dialogue. @kagisomodupe

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This list is incomplete without Skeem Saam's trouble maker Rackel Kunutu played by Lesego Marakalla. Rachel is such an out spoke character that it's hard to believe that she's actually very shy and quiet in real life. She's a ''I wont speak unless spoken to" girl.

Your favorite T

Matshidiso and Kay Kay are always causing drama, especially Matshidiso. It seems like she has found her match though, Kay Kay is not having any of her nonsense. Remember her struggling days with Namarashiya and how they were scheeming against KK?


Teboho is just another Didintle really, she's aggressive, dramatic, mean and seems to have a leash on her man, just like Didintle has on Quinton. The Venda kingdom respects her for a reason, she's a take no nonsense woman.

Teboho Muvhango

And of course we absolutely cannot leave this list without mzala S'cotho. She's a character we love to hate and hate to love, she lives in a dark world but she's cool, dirty, powerful and dynamic.

Our favorite TV trouble makers

How about Sharon from Lock down, she's the one person we're all scared off. Her mean mug is meaner than most. Her hunger for power has landed her in prison alongside the women she mistreats so much. It's easy t play tough guy when you're on the outside.

Our favorite TV trouble makers

GC, he's become so troublesome lately. The stealing has become out of hand and his mouth, he talks more than usual and we must admit he is a little annoying now.

GC khaya 2

Oh Goodness, we quickly fell in love with this character, but now we've now find ourselves wondering what she's up to now. Goodness always has a trick up her sleeves, this character is a perfect fit for Zenande Mfenyana

Our favorite TV trouble makers

Now picture a TV show where all these trouble makers were in and had to out smart each other. Who would beat the rest?

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