Our favourite A-listers that make 'the pots to be done'

When it comes to the kitchen, these celebs know how to throw it down.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Dineo Ranaka

We wouldn't mind a dinner invite from these celebs.

Cooking is one thing that can sometimes seem so easy to make, chop ingredients, throw them all in one pot and voila magic-that canโ€™t possibly be difficult-so maybe you should stop waiting on bae to come with takeaways or cook and just get up your backside and prepare yourself a scrumptious meal that is easy to make.

Some of our favourite A-listers that share posts of them cooking healthy posts are worth a drool and have definitely left an impression on us and now we know why they stay in the kitchen when things get heated up.

Zola Nene

Celebrity chef Zola has been taking strides in her lane and recognition in 2017 has accelerated. Zola is one of the regular chefs on SABC3โ€™s Expresso show. Her bubbly personality keeps you captivated throughout the segment and might have you salivating.

Dineo Ranaka

2017 has been too good to radio personality Dineo Ranaka, and it seems itโ€™s a trend that when life's going great, put it all in a pot. Ranaka has shared various posts of her cooking for her for family and friends. We enjoy her posts. Healthy lifestyles document, canโ€™t go unnoticed.

Siba Mtonganaย 

Siba prepares a table for her family and friends in the presence of good vibes and energy, the celebrity Chef has been seen in various shows such as chopped South Africa and her own show as well Sibaโ€™s table and much more. We are obsessed with Siba's posts on cooking tips and recipes.


Making soup for my FRESH BREAKFAST SHOW TEAM tomor morning

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Media personality Somizi who has been making big moves in the industry this year, both locally and internationally definitely makes โ€˜the pots to be doneโ€™. From sharing posts of him preparing meals for friends and family, to making breakfast for his employees, Somizi looks like an absolute favourite in the workplace. Spectacular personality ? Check. Money right? Check. And a great cook? Double check that!

Desert number3

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