Our Perfect Wedding: A top deck type of love

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Never in the history of our television viewing lives have we ever come across such twisted viewers such as those of Our Perfect Wedding, you guys are wrong, absolutely wrong! But we love it!

It's clear by now that people who watch this show don't really want to watch a perfect wedding; drama should be the order of the day and although the drama was a bit flat this week it had a chocolate top deck flavour to it and that sure was "tasty" to witness. Introducing this week's interracial couple - Molebogeng and his bride-to-be Yvette.

From the time Molebogeng opened his mouth we knew he was going to rub some of you up the wrong way with his pompous manner of speaking and "coconut" ways. Before we continue with this couple let's get the Phumeza hateration out of the way first, we see some of you are yearning for Brenda Ngxoli's return and absolutely can't stand Phumeza.Clearly the yellow-bone/good-hair trend is wearing off! 

Every week there's a complaint about Phumeza; shame guys leave other children alone, they're also trying to eat and make a living. We're sure Brenda is making money elsewhere, although Phumeza if that offer still stands for you to go back to Cula Sibona, girl, we say take it and run!

Anyways, back to the show and the couple. It seems as though Yvette and her man studied Our Perfect Wedding extremely well to ensure that nothing out of place could be spotted from this couple.  Not everything was entirely perfect; Yvette, by the looks of last night's episode seems to wear the pants in this relationship. She's quite the controlling chick and it's no wonder this wedding was so perfect.  However one thing that was absolutely not top-notch was the wedding cake, even Phumeza couldn't fake her dissapproval of that cake, quite a hilarious moment.

For a democratic country some viewers were also a bit salty about Yvette calling her man, her black diamond. Come on ladies and gentlemen it's not like she called the man, her Kunta Kinte. Yehlisani umoya, it aint that serious.

Some of you might wonder why we think Our Perfect Wedding viewers are unrully? The tweet below says it all.

People should understand that Christmas is not everyday, so they shouldn’t expect the show to have drama almost every episode, although that's the main reason why we watch it religiously. Guys this show is all about the couples, at the end of it we want to see that 'perfect' wedding actually come to life but for now, Phumeza si shadisa ubani this week?  

Credit Image: Facebook.Phumeza Dlwati