Our Perfect Wedding: Mam' Ruby and her Ben 10

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM









Before we start dissecting this week’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding it’s only right we start of this review with the track Age Aint Nothing But A Number by the late R&B singer Aaliyah. We think this song is quite fitting seeing that this week’s episode featured a couple that wasn’t the least bit concerned about their age gap.

To all the middle-aged ladies who have given up on love and marriage we hope this episode has given you reason to be a bit more optimistic. If last night's episode of Our Perfect Wedding taught us anything it's that there is always a Ben10 out there waiting on you to splurge and smother him with all your love and money until he suffocates to such an extent that he submits to marriage. Although this wasn't entirely the case with this week’s episode. 

And to those who were shocked that Ousie Monkie managed to rope in such a handsome, young hottie with her love-handles, it just shows that not every young man is into a model-like girl with a Brazilian weave. Just like how some women are into men who are more feminine than they are (Remember our dear friend Thabiso Methi? We still find ourselves snickering from the comment he made about him loving anything that starts with a “D”)

There are only two things from this week’s episode that had us curling our toes in embarrassment and thank the heavens above it had nothing to do with the kiss. The gold teeth were the first things to disturb us about this wedding. It’s bad enough when one partner has a gold tooth but when it’s the both of you, you then deserve every bit of shade you receive from the public. Sorry, we have zero sympathy for gold tooth stunners, leave that trend back in the 90’s where it belongs.

We have the utmost respect for Ousie Monkie, and we give her props for landing herself such a handsome young man as her husband, but our respect ends right there!  Goodness, she wore a hideous dress; It made her look like a cross between an oompa loompa and a mud-slide.

There have been many Twitter reactions to the dress choices on Our Perfect Wedding but this week’s reactions were taken up several notches. The pain Ousie Monkie made us go through was unbearable, this picture below says it all.

Even "Ma Agnes's" poor heart couldn’t handle what stood before her eyes. No one deserves to be subdued to such horrible dress designs.

That dress left us defeated, the fashion crime that was committed in that episode was so fatal even E! Entertainment's Fashion Police team could not rectify this blunder if they tried.