Pabi Moloi’s views on fame and fortune

Does fame translate to fortune? Not really.

By  | Jan 31, 2019, 04:39 PM

Pabi Moloi

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that being famous leads to having loads of money. And boy, are they wrong! We’ve seen several celebrities speaking about the fact that just because they’re in the entertainment industry, it doesn’t mean that they’re rich.

Pabi Moloi, who has been a media personality for years, recently spoke about the same topic. In an interview with Rams Mabote on Metro FM, the Trending SA host was asked if she thinks fame and fortune are related, or if they follow each other, and she said: “I think yes and no, because they don’t necessarily have to follow.”

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The radio presenter continued: “But I think the issue is people sometimes, out of naivety, will follow something that will bring them fame thinking fame translates into fortune. Now until the rise of social media, in my life personally in my career, I have not seen fame translate into rands and cents, in my career.”

The mother of one added: “Only recently, the way that the entertainment industry is built, only recently has the shift been made where you can leverage the fact that you are so well known, the fact that you are beloved into actual, you know, commerce.”

She said it’s all about being economically stable and independent and financially independent. This, for Pabi, is more appealing than being famous.

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