Pearl Modiadie and Lee-Roy Wright celebrate 10 years

The former Craz-e presenters have managed to maintain a beautiful friendship

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Pearl Modiadie and LeeRoy Wright celebrate 10 years

Those of us born in the late 80's and early nineties would be familiar with the duo that is Pearl Modiadie and Lee-Roy Wright - two faces who were part of the earlier crop of presenters on eTV's afternoon youth slot, Craz-e. 

Although Wright and Modiadie worked alongside the likes of Gillian Hughes, Babalwa Rasane, Kriya Gangiah, and Morena 'Mo' Sefatsa, the pair formed an unbreakable bond that only seems to have gotten stronger over the years. 

There are tons of photos that were taken during the duration of their friendship which began back when Modiadie was a full on hip-hop dancer who rocked a semi grunge/punk-rock look - not forgetting she went by the moniker "The Black Pearl."

Pearl Modiadie craz_e

The pair got their start shortly after the Craz-e alumni who all (at some point) eventually left the show to further their careers in media. 

In fact, Craz-e has so many interesting alumni that many of us had forgotten about. People like Pabi Moloi, Da Les, Lalla Hirayama, Salamina Mosese, Stephina Zwane, McGayver, Caitlin Fox, Relebogile Mabotja, Gile Motshwane, Muso Sefatsa, Zandile Msutwana & Kim Engelbrecht.

Many Craz-e presenters have come and gone but none have maintained a friendship quite like these two. Check out a few of their throwback pics: 

Leeroy wright and pearl modiadie
Leeroy wright and pearl modiadie
Leeroy wright and pearl modiadie
Leeroy wright and pearl modiadie

It is believed that if your friendship makes it past the seven-year mark, it will last a lifetime, so here's to another few decades for Pearl and Lee-roy. 

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