Pearl Modiadie the daredevil we never knew

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

It seems like Pearl Modiadie has decided that conquering dry land is just not enough for her. The TV/radio presenter showed off her adventurous or should that be crazy side when she went swimming with sharks. Okay, so technically there was a cage around her – but she’s still got a whole lot closer to the sea beasts than we would ever dare.

Pearl took to social media with a lot of excitement to announce her achievement.

“I went shark cage diving today! Thee most awesome experience ever!!”, she tweeted along with a pic.

Who knew Pearl had it in her to swim with sharks, maybe Pearl should take on Fear Factor seeing that she’s taken the adventurous side of her life seriously.

Pearl even had a play date with a lion cub not so long ago. Yep, we think Pearl should be the next presenter for Fear Factor SA, should the show air again.

Bigs ups to you Pearl! As for us, cage or no cage, we're good on dry land for now. 

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