People you should be following on Instagram

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Let’s face it social media platforms have become quite boring. Facebook no longer has its interesting factor, especially if you’ve managed to hunt down and find all of your primary school friends. It’s even worse when you’ve lost the exhilaration that comes with stalking people. The same goes for Twitter and its predictable Twars (Twitter wars).  

Whenever someone tries to start one it usually fizzles out within the first fifteen minutes. The only time they’re entertaining is when celebrities butt-heads with each other, but even then the celebrities only post subliminal tweets on their timeline. This leads to you having to connect the dots and try figure out to whom the tweets are addressed (such admin).

But before I start giving up on social media as a means of entertainment, I must confess that I'm glad that there's also Instagram. Are you tired of following self-absorbed selfie-addicts, foodies and people who make you feel like you’re not “living the life”?

No need to stress any further, here’s the top three Instagram accounts we feel you should follow for your pure entertainment leisure.  The best part is that the owners of these Instagram accounts aren’t even famous, but their entertainment value is far better than most celebrity account you may follow.
















First on our list is this hilarious group of three friends who pride themselves on being the “creators of superman drawers”. With a number of Instagram videos and memes that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. We find ourselves on their account for hours on end. if you're going to waste your time on Instagram, waste it on this account

















She may come across as a bit too Barbie-dollish for you but trust us when we say she’s worth the time. Scrimmaging through her account we found a number of interesting videos from this very opinionated lady. Don’t be fooled by her looks she’s quite the clown.














We know we said you should refrain from following people who make you feel as though you’re not livin' la vida loca. However Peejet will have you cackling at his perfectly photo shopped Instagram posts of him taking selfies with Kim Kardashian in the bathroom or giving Rihanna a piggy-back. Check out some of these examples below.