Plastics tell of heart-breaking cancer song

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

The song, which was released in late November, has been play-listed at a number of stations. It features 14-year-old Kimberly Rose on vocals accompanied by The Plastics, who wrote and produced the song.

Credit: Facebook/The Plastics

Talking about the song band member Pascal Righini recalled the poignant experience of recording with the dying girl.

“Kim said that she liked Ellie Golding and pop music,” Righini told Tonight. “Based on that we went away and did some preproduction.

“We didn’t want the song to sound like a Plastics song because we didn’t want to be opportunistic,” he revealed before going on to talk about the actual studio experience.

“It really became more and more real when we went into the studio. She was really sick at that stage and was taking morphine like water.

“It was amazing watching her do the song. She was having difficulty walking and was barely able to speak. She was not able to leave her wheelchair.

“However she managed to hit every high note required in the song. It was amazing to hear how strong and confident she was.”

Shortly after recording her vocals Kim went to South Korea for treatment. “She never came back,” said Righini.

“She died in South Korea before the final mix of the song. Since then the family have been coping with it all.”

Article; by Team Talk