Please Step In: The battle between parents and their kids continues

This show and Isthunzi always give us chest pains with each and every episode that airs.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


And Tuesday night's episode of Please Step In was no different from the previous episode from last week

Another family feud embroiled in finger pointing, betrayal, rape and heartbreak consumed the hearts of many viewers who were watching the show as 37-year-old Khabonina tried to douse the fire between her mother and sister.

Khabhonina called in the help of Sis' Angie and the Please Step In crew to come and intervene as her sister and mother were at war as her attempts to bring peace between them had been failing dismally.


Khabhonina has an older sister by the name of Asnath' who had been Khabonina's pillar of strength during their childhood.

Khabonina and Asnath faced a lot of trials and tribulations as young girls, one of those ordeals was when Khabonina revealed that she was raped by her mother's partner when she was still young.

What's even more heartbreaking is that Khabhonina had to share a bed with this man which is where the sexual assaults began.

Even Sis Angie was shocked at what Khabhonina had revealed.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any worse Khabonina's mother also revealed that she was also a victim of rape.

Social media raised their concerns about how common rap has become in our society.

Their mother's abuse as a child led to her making some rather wrong decisions as an adult. The mother had also abandoned her daughters at some point during their childhood which led the girls to become extremely vulnerable to any harm that came their way.

The particular episode was so heavy that sis Angie even prayed for the family which we think should be something that is done on every episode of Please Step In.

What were your thoughts about Tuesday night's episode?

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