Please Step in is still giving people chest pains

Tuesday night's episode of Mzansi Magic's Please Step In still has a lot of people in their feelings.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


We've seen a lot of dramatic episodes in this reality show, but last night's episode was just way too much for viewers.

Mam' Angie is really good at her job when it comes to the issues that family members face, but we honestly don't think she could save this family from all the drama they've been experiencing.

Last night we got introduced to Sibongile, her mother, and brother whom she has been feuding with for quite some time hence Mam' Angie was called in to intervene. But the files that the family pulled out about each other was just way too much for viewers to handle.

Each revelation of what one family member did to another left us in disbelief.


Sibongile's mother had revealed that Sibongile was the result of rape and since that ordeal fell upon her, her wounds as a mother have never healed. This, unfortunately, has led to a lot of feuds between Sibongile and her mother, Sibongile shared that whenever she and her mother got into an argument her mother would tell her that she should've aborted her whilst she still had the chance.



Social media immediately emphathized with both the mother and daughter.

 Now because of the hurtful words that came out of her mother's mouth Sibongile would then resort to retaliating back.

What makes matters even worse is that Sibongile is also not on good terms with her brother David whom is said to be favoured by the mother.

David and Sibongile once got into an altercation which led to Sibongile getting stabbed by David, what was heart-breaking about this altercation is that Sibongile was pregnant, the wound was so deep that her child was born with the wound.



David defended himself by explaining that Sibongile had attempted to poison his food and that food was being hidden in the house.

At this point, social media was just in absolute shock!

Some people think Mam'Angie tried her best to help this family whilst others feel that the Chadi family seriously needs more than just an episode to solve their issue but months of counselling.

We hope this family gets some serious healing.

What were your thoughts on how Mam' Angie handled this particular situation?

Catch the repeat of this episode of Please Step In on Saturday 16 September 18:30pm

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