Precious Schamel wrote a book about what divorce taught her

She seems to be doing well despite the circumstances 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

Precious Schamel wrote a book about what divorce taught her

Late last year, former South African media personality Precious Schamel took to the timeline after a long social media sabbatical to announce that she and her husband would be getting a divorce. 

She shared that going though the divorce was one of the main reasons that she took some time off social media as she didn't know how to go through a divorce publicly. 

But that all seems to have changed as she has written a book about what the process taught her, titled, Staying in the Flow - How To Communicate With God.

This is not her first foray into writing as she is a writer by profession and has maintained a blog since emigrating to the United States. 

In fact, prior to releasing the book, she has ben sharing numerous posts via social media - perhaps as a way of giving her readers a taste of what's to come. 

According to her social media, her primary motivation for doing this was as a way to process her feelings. "I've gone through some interesting changes in my life. And some of those changes I've already shared with you in the past. Not because I have to. But because the human experience is more connected than we think. Sometime earlier this year I decided to write a short book about my early days of experiencing divorce. Writing it down was the biggest gift I could give myself," she explained. 

The book is available online.

Based on her last post, the process seems to have been very cathartic for her. Will you be buying the book? 

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