Prince Kaybee's musical tribute to HHP

HHP was supposed to lay his verse on this track but sadly he did not.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Prince Kaybee

Ever since HHP did that amazing freestyle to Prince Kaybee's Club Controller single during his Metro FM interview in February, everyone who is a fan of the rapper and of Prince Kaybee had requested that both artists collaborate on a song.

Little did we know that both artists already had something planned up their sleeve for the rest of Mzansi to hear.

Prince Kaybee has released a track of his that was supposed to feature the late rapper, unfortunately, that dream was not fulfilled. However, Prince has released the track anyway and it's been receiving a lot of positive responses from the public

We don't know if there were rappers who requested to be on the track, but Kaybee made it clear that he was not interested in having any rappers on the song and we agree, the track sounds perfect just as is.

Song prince

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@PrinceKaybee_SA