Proverb's big breakup

Say it isn't so... yes ProVerb seem to have gone through a break up but it's not what you think. 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


His relationship with Liesl Laurie is still going strong and we will soon see them holding hands at Minnie's wedding. 

We are talking about another breakup. For the longest time, we saw ProVerb posing and pushing Volvo cars across South Africa. But it seems like this relationship has ended with ProVerb getting himself a snazzy new red Land Rover discover, retailing for R750,000. 

At first, we figured it might be a new ride for Liesl, but check out the plates? Unless they say Mrs Verb, We don't think it's for Miss SA 2015.


A few days later, Pro posted his very own Land Rover picture.

Proverb music

We doubt that Pro is too fazed about petrol, plus he now has found a few more alternative modes of transportation since he was appointed as an official board member of Flight Centre.

Those Status/Idols/KayaFM cheques are really coming in handy for Mr Proverb.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Proverbmusic