Radio DJ threatens those who plan on returning Bonang's book for a refund

You gotta love South African's and their sense of humour.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

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Regardless of all the political and social drama we're experiencing as a country it is always a relief to watch people do their utmost best to put a smile on our faces.

On Tuesday afternoon, Exclusive Books alerted customers to return Bonang's Book, From A to B if they were unsatisfied with the factual and grammatical errors that were in the book.

The news was obviously met with a lot of outrage.

However, one person who decided to make light of the situation is Gagasi FM DJ and MC Mzokoloko has released this hilarious video threatening those who even dare to think of returning the book.

In the video, Mzokoloko is seen holding isagila (a wooden club) as he makes his way to the nearest Exclusive Book outlet waiting for those who plan on returning the book.

In the video he says:

"I've just heard the sad news of Bonang's book being removed from Exclusive Books, why are they taking it out? So now, whoever returns Bonang's book at Exclusive Books, I'm waiting for them! Nobody is returning that book! Says us, the friends of Bonang..."

Check out the video below.