Rami Chuene throws shade

The actress is not holding back 

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM


The Queen Mzansi star, Rami Chuene has taken to Twitter to let off steam about what she calls “social media” journalism.

Although there is merit to her words – a good journalist must verify and give the subject an opportunity to respond – Rami should perhaps understand that all material on social media is in the public domain. Furthermore, celebrities are often happy to accept the benefits of using social media but when the same platform lands them in trouble, they declare war on Twitter and Facebook.

What might also push modern journalists to search social media for new material is that the internet is the new hangout for celebs and ordinary people. Before going all T-Gom on journalists, Rami should be reminded that being on Twitter is the same as being at a Chisanyama or a carwash. It’s public.

Image credit: Instagram/@ramichuene