Redi Tlhabi gives update on Xolani Gwala

Xolani knows he's got a friend indeed

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


When you're fighting one of the toughest illnesses in the world,  it's good to know that there are always people who'll be by your side.

In the case of Xolani Gwala, this friend happens to be none other than radio personality Redi Tlhabi. The author/radio personality took to Twitter to give people an update on how Xolani Gwala is fairing in his fight against colon cancer. 

Many followers shared in the delight of hearing that he was doing well and some expressed even bigger words of support for the journey that was still ahead of him

It's great to see that people are fully behind the recovery of one of South Africa's biggest media stalwarts. 

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