Refilwe Modiselle on music, authenticity and advocating albinism

Refilwe Modiselle speaks her truth 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Refilwe Modiselle

The Modiselle sisters might be thriving in the entertainment industry today, but the eldest sister, Refilwe Modiselle, paved the way for her sisters, by being a model and becoming a singer, presenter, and actress that is cautious of her responsibilities as a public figure.

Refilwe is one of the most talented entertainers in Mzansi, having sustained her relevance and career in the entertainment industry for years, one can safely say that her climb up the ladder of success has been blissfully unpredictable and captivating. In a recent interview on Trending SA, the media personality revealed that she was looking for the perfect team in order to release a body of work in music, saying: “I’m not sure about an album, I need to find the right team to work with…”

While still waiting for her perfect moment to step into the music scene, Refilwe has been acquiring knowledge throughout gaining more experience in the entertainment industry and says she wants to take an authentic approach.

“What's very important is to be very authentic about what you’re saying cause what happens is people go according to a trend and they’re not authentic about what they're saying. The honesty in who you are is sharing your sentiment, strong voice and also sharing your personal experience, it’s something because someone relates to it in some shape or form, whether it’s somebody close or whether it’s you directly you…”

“I believe that even as media personalities when we sometimes share our own stories and our own personal experience, it speaks a louder a voice than just allowing us to just sit and allow things to happen because we’ve been given a platform and have the responsibility. Why not use it?” she added.

Refilwe has been one of the most vocal personalities on social media, and just as she’s shared and opened up to opinions, her social media goes beyond clapping back and lashing out at cyberbullies, Refilwe is adamant that becoming an activist for albinism is a calling.

“I don't think it’s an expectation, I think it’s a calling, if God had positioned me to be the person that I am in terms of being a veteran at the forefront of this, why am I shying away from being given that responsibility, I’m not afraid to fight for it..."

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