Respect Ishmael Morabe’s longevity

We take the time to appreciate Ishmael's creativity and longevity in the music industry.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Ishmael morabe

Many have come and gone in the music industry, we’ve seen some of our biggest South African musicians become as irrelevant as last week’s gossip news.

However, there is one particular musician who has managed to re-invent himself in this forever evolving Industry.

Since Ishmael stepped into the music scene in the 90’s there hasn’t been much stopping him.

Ishmael has always been innovative with his music and what we always admired about him is how he fitted with every genre of music you can think of.

Here's how many times Ishmael skipped from one music genre to another and made a success story out of it.


When Ishmael was hip hop

This was way before his Jozi days with Da L.E.S. In the early 90's Ishmael was a member of Cape Town hip hop group – Prophets of Da City. Although known to be a singer, Ishmael had no difficulties going toe to toe with the best rappers in the game during that era.

When Ishmael was all about being Kwaito

After leaving Prophets of Da City, Ishmael offered his talent to kwaito, joining groups like Skeem and releasing summer jams like Waar was Jy.

But it was his 2001 kwaito smash hit – Roba Letheka that had every hood bumping to his music. You honestly could not sit down when that song came on no matter how hard you tried.

The video of the song was also a pleasure to watch considering that it featured it-girls such as the likes of Nestum. Ja neh, gone are those days.


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When Ishmael was R&B

Granted R&B has never been the strongest of musical genres in South Africa but there were a number of Ishmael's R&B singles that received a lot of TV and radio airplay in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Remember his hit single Let Me Be The One which had a sort of Timbaland feel to it? 

It’s such a pity we can’t find the song anywhere online or on YouTube. Where’s your material Ishmizzy?

Anyway, if R&B was a thing in the local music industry we have no doubt that Ishmael was going to be in the Top 5 leading artists of the genre.

Then he flipped the script and sang gospel

When Ishmael released his version of the gospel song, Avulekile Amasango, we really began to think that there was no genre that this man could not perfect. Even though it's a well-known song, Ishmael just simply took it to the next level and although we haven't heard a hit single from the man in a while, you cannot help but respect his longevity and ability to sing in different kinds of genres.

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