Review: Phumakim video review

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Looking at this video, one thing you cannot deny about Cassper Nyovest is that he is the people’s rapper.  Introducing his new video from his latest single “Phumakimi” It’s always refreshing to see the hottest artists at the moment not only rubbing shoulders with their peers but also with the average joe on the street. Moments like these really “humanise” a celebrity, not that they’re not human’s in the first place, but it really does remove that sense of superiority that is associated with celebrities. 

We’ll admit that the first time we heard this single we were not too sure about it. But after a few listens it became one of our favourite anthems and with the video having been recently released, we can only imagine how much airplay the single will now receive.  

There’s really nothing special about the contents of this video, in the kindest of ways it really is just another hip hop video with luxurious cars, celebrity cameos and a gathering of people.

However, seeing Cassper amongst your average joe really gives him a good-look.

It’s also interesting to see Cassper channelling his semi-martial arts skills in dance style known as the taxi driver dance which has also been mastered by the likes of Malume Koolkat. There was a time when it was seen to be “uncool” to dance as a rapper, seems like that theory has been flung out the window as we see more of our rappers putting their best foot forward when it comes to dancing.

Hope to see more rappers taking heed and dancing more in their videos, it actually looks more fun than you trying to act all hard.
Nice one Cassper Nyovest, hope this video shoots the viewership numbers out the park.