Riky Rick is flying high

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

Riky Rick’s Family Values album is doing really well right now. The rapper’s debut is the second-most sold album on this week’s Musica Top 20 Best Selling Local Albums chart.


Riky took to Instagram to share a little story with his fans and to encourage them.

“I need all you aspiring musicians and artists to know that everything you want can happen. As long as you work hard and don’t take short cuts nobody will ever take you for a popeye. The world is truly yours... All you have to do is share your truth and reality.”

He revealed that he dropped his first verses in his brother’s bedroom in 2005.

“It t took me all that time to rise, fall and rise again as a stronger man. You will never know my full story if you don’t get this album. I dedicate it to everyone who has helped me overcome. I wish you health in your hardest moments and strength when you need it the most. You have made my life greater than I could ever imagine. #FamilyValues.”