Rosie Motene assures that performers will no longer be disrespected

Rosie Motene's fight to protect actors & actresses.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM

rosie motene

The actress & author opens up about the unfair treatment of actors on set and how she and a number of organizations are working towards putting a stop to such ongoings in the film & TV industry.

In April, Rosie Motene opened up about how she had been unfairly treated as an actress by production houses whilst working on a local drama series.

In the statement, the actress had mentioned how she was repeatedly ignored after she requested not to wear an overly revealing lingerie for a sex scene that she was also not comfortable filming. 

Her protest against wearing the lingerie and performing the sex scene lead her to resign after she was repeatedly ignored and after she also found out about a health hazard she needed to attend to with great urgency.

Read more of her statement here.

Rosie Motene

The actress was recently interviewed on Real Talk with Anele and after the interview, she went online to not only thank Anele and the team for the great interview but to also address the issue of having actors disrespected on set. 

In the video, Rosie assured actors that there are certain measures that have been put into place that will ensure that no performers will be treated unfairly on set by directors or production houses moving forward.

"Incidents happened on set in 2015 and they were kind of overlooked, apologies were made but they were not sincere and after my meeting with the new C.E.O and the new management, I can honestly say that any woman or any man or any performer who steps onto sets now, you'll be safe. Certain measures have been put into place that will not allow another actress or another actor to be disrespected ever again, " she said.

Rosie Motene made it clear that production houses need to get their act together as the time for undermining or disrespecting performers on set has come to an end.

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