Rouge Wants Her Name Respected!

Rouge won't perform if you don't meet her standards

By  | Dec 20, 2019, 03:00 PM

South African hitmaker Rouge is changing up the rules in 2020: If promoters don't pronounce her name correctly, or if they show more attention to another artist on the roster, then she won't get up on stage. Simple.

The rapper and singer has had an incredible year, with highlights including dropping some massive hits, freestyling and owning Sway Calloway's Extra Cold Cyphers, and also bagging a massive record deal. With all this in mind, you would think that people would understand that they are dealing with a superstar whenever they work with Rouge but it seems as if the industry still has some catching up to do.

And now she's had enough.

The Popular star took to Twitter to explain that she would no longer be suffering presenters and event hosts who couldn't even pronounce her name properly. She wrote,

"(I've) decided that I'm not hopping on stage if you hyping another artist right before I'm getting on stage next or if you call me Rogue or Raoosh. Miss me. Come to me correct,”

Considering how frustrated many South Africans are when it comes to having their names mispronounced, it came as no surprise that plenty of fans agreed and sympathised with her in the comments:

Rouge recently had the streets in a massive tiff after she declared herself as the best female rapper in South Africa. The divisive tweet threatened to tear the country apart as a number of fans slammed her while others agreed when she said:

"Honestly speaking, I'm the best female in the game. The problem here is that some of yall in the comments think I'm asking. Mean time Im telling you I'm the best female rapper...but do keep going."

If you believe you're the best, you've got to act like the best, right?

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