SA Celebs disgusted by H&M's "Monkey" advert

Some of the celebrities are even vowing to burn all their H&M clothes.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


On Monday morning, the world woke up to the horrifying H&M advert of a young black boy wearing an H&M hoodie with the words "The coolest monkey in the jungle" printed on the hoodie.

H&M hoodie

The advert went viral as social media users expressed their anger towards the retail store and their racist innuendo within the advert.

The likes of Somizi also went out to speak about the advert and encouraged people to not buy from the retail store from now on.

A few of the celebrities echoed Somizi's sentiments, even Kwesta said he'd be burning some of his H&M clothes in the morning. Whilst Minnie made it very clear that she isn't messing with the brand at all.

H&M hoodie

H&M has since removed the advert and apologized for placing the ad on their website.

Even international celebrities such as The Weekend have announced that they're cutting all ties with H&M.

Whilst P.Diddy also clapped back with such a strong response that had most people agreeing with him.

The great thing that came out of this P.R mess was the beautifully altered artworks that were created by the public in retaliation to H&M.

Check them out.

H&M Art 1
H&M hoodie boy 2

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Kwestadakar