SA Idols: Capital City shows off

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

The final leg of the auditions kicked off last night in the capital city of Pretoria as the contestants proved to us that second chances are always given, depending on how badly you really want it.  One woman who’s a testament of our word was twenty year old Tumi who sang Tamar Braxton’s hit ballad “Love and War”. Tumi swooned Unathi and Gareth but obviously couldn’t get through Randall’s ice-box of a heart.

“I must be honest, I am not crazy about the tone, I don’t think it worked with your voice. “ He blatantly said
But that didn’t stop the twenty year old who also auditioned in season nine for receiving her Golden Ticket to Sun City.

Another contestant who broke all our hearts (even though he didn’t mean to) was twenty-two year old Hloni who was strong enough to go and audition for SA Idols after burying his girlfriend.  Not only did Hloni lose his girlfriend but he also lost his older sister last year and a brother a couple of years before that in 2007.  We don't know about you, but it would've been hard for any of the ZAlebs team members to do an audition after losing a loved one.  Hloni didn't let his current situation deter him from his dream of auditioning for S.A Idols and boy did he do justice to his rendition of Maroon 5's Sunday Morning

And who could forget Dikabelo Baloyi's out of tune rendition of an R&B song we couldn't even make out thanks to her hideous out of tune voice.  We speculate that she knew she couldn't sing, hence the sunglasses used to hide her identity and save the last dignity she had.  If there's one thing this lady did right was when 

Next week those who received their golden tickets will receive the shock of their lives as the SA Idols team reveal something that has never been done before on this road to pop culture success.