SA singer wows judges on X Factor UK

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

The X Factor UK "over 25" category is shaping up nicely as we've had the chance to watch various unknown, but talented female vocalists lead the way in showing how it's done. One such contestant is Chloe Thwala, a 30 year old South African singer who is based in the UK. It looks like Mzansi will have some presence on the biggest music show in British Television for the third time in the last year (You might remember our girls holding it down on Last year's X Factor and The Voice)

Thwala, Helen Fulthorpe, an old-age assitant, as well as 37 year old wedding vocalist, Michelle Lawson all caught the eye and managed to progress to the next round with ease. Chloe Thwala sang Destiny's Child's ballad, Stand Up For Love and in doing so wowed the judges and the audience. 

From the looks of things (And hey, it's a very early look) Thwala has all the ingredients to succeed. Great voice, humble personality and an abundance of talent; but does she have what it takes to make it all the way? We'd love to see her try! Watch Chloe's performance, as well as Michelle and Helen's stunning performances in the video below:

Credit Image: Twitter.Chloe Thwala