SABC 1's Tjovitjo was actually supposed to be a film

The new local drama started off on a great note this week.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Tjovitjo main

But did you know that its producers and directors had actually planned for the show to air on the silver screen as a film?

On Monday social media users couldn't stop ranting and raving about this new SABC 1 show.

The likes of Rami Chuene and Flo Masebe couldn't stop praising the producers of the show as well as its cast members for the great job they have done. Mind you this was only the first episode, so we can only wonder what great magic will be created for the upcoming episodes.

ZAlebs caught up with Lodi Matsetela, who is the producer of Tjovitjo. Lodi had mentioned that the positive feedback from the public was rather unexpected but they had initially hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.

"We honestly hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. We were really just hoping for the best, you wouldn't put so much effort in such a project and be ok with a bad response. We're not doing it to be loved but we're also doing it to bring something authenticity that we feel people can identify with. So we were hoping to get the response that we got and of course we received a lot of support from the SABC with regards to creating the hype. But if the show was bad, no amount of hype was going to save it, so we're really happy for the great response Tjovitjo has received."

Tjovitjo consists of a star-studded cast with the likes of Warren Masemola and Rapulana Seiphumo as the main characters. Lodi mentioned that these actors were already in mind before they even began shooting and that the actors had actually been cast for the trailer of the series which was initially planned to be a film.

"The most watched trailer was the one we shot for the film, that we tried to raise funds for but we didn't manage to. So we then changed the format a little bit so that it could become a TV series."


Lodi admits that one of the biggest challenges about this production was the issue of raising funds.

"Raising the funds was such a challenge, the reason why we couldn't make it a film was because of the funds. And even though the SABC has come through for us we needed other parties to come through as well. We needed other organizations that talk about really funding independent production to fund this project and they failed to do so, so that was a big challenge for us. The funding affects everything in a production."


However, Londi also mentioned that the greatest highlight about this particular drama series were the dancers who were given the opportunity to go through a training process where they were offered free acting classes. 

Lodi explained that this was a great opportunity not only for the dancers but for the production as a whole because this meant that the dancers could now also hone in their skills as actors and not only dancers.


Make sure to catch Tjovitjo every Sunday at 8:00pm on SABC 1.


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