Salamina Mosese takes on a new role

We’re definitely going to be there

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM


Whenever a new South African movie comes up, a lot of people tend to be surprised. People often comment about how they didn’t even know about the film, and that the marketing was really bad. However, some filmmakers put in a lot of work into their projects and make sure that people know everything there is to know.

Look at Baby Mamas, for example. The movie, which premieres this weekend, has been receiving a lot of publicity. The people involved in the project including Salamina Mosese (producer) and Stephina Zwane (director), have been doing a lot of interviews around the country to promote the film.

We really commend them for putting in so much work because now a lot of people, including us, are looking forward to checking it out.

Speaking on The Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM, Salamina said this project has been three years in the making for them.

Main image credit: Instagram/babymamasfilm