Sammy Sosa on family and how only 3 people visited her while in hospital

Sammy Sosa is getting back on her feet and loving it.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Sammy Sosa

It's no secret that Sammy Sosa has been dealing with a lot in her career and personal life, but with a new show on Touch Central and a more positive perspective on life, Sammy Sosa is well on her way to greatness.

In a very open interview on Arye Kellman and Kat Mohoadube show on Touch Central, Sammy Sosa opened up about being sober for 5 months and how she's realized that keeping her family closer has been her best decision by far and how there are no real  "friends" in the industry.

"This thing of believing that sobriety is everything and it ending up not being everything lead to the fear of me getting back to where I was before, but with being amongst family and spending a lot of time with my son and me recently making my cousin my manager,  it feels amazing.

I'd rather have family that much closer to me than anybody else. The worse thing is that I've never even known these people, but they're my family, I had like a 12-hour history lesson on my family the other day. I found out that one of my family members was a notorious drug dealer, and I was like 'Yes! this is so dope..."

Sammy Sosa 2

Sammy also acknowledges that there have been Twars and other drama in her life but the main focus right now is for her to find herself. 

The mother of one also added that despite what the outside world might think about her, she's actually a good mom.

"I'm a good mother, before I go out and do my bull sh** or I lie, or when I even pick up a drink, my son is fed. I sent my white friend a picture of my fridge and he was like 'Sam your fridge looks like a brochure that I look at when I'm trying to buy a fridge.'  So people get it twisted sometimes, you know they look at you and judge you based on the surface, they never look beyond the surface. They see you in the club and they think you're like that.

There's way more than what meets the eye, my fridge is full, my account is way more than what you think it is, my son is fed, sobriety is important to me but we're not perfect and we make mistakes."

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Sammy Sosa 2

The entertainment personality also shared that whilst she was in hospital for alcoholism almost no one in the industry went to check on her whilst in there.

"When I was there only 3 people came to see me, none of them were really my friends and fun fact none of them were even from Joburg." 

Sammy went on to add that friendships should not only be about fun and being in the club but it needs to be more than that.

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