Samthing Soweto admits that he struggles with reading & writing

The mega-star had an incredible 2017

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:42 AM


Samthing Soweto is one of the most talented artists in this part of the world, the Akanamali hit-maker started off his career as one of the lead members on The Soil before leaving the acapella group.


In a recent interview with Mo Flava, the talented musician opened about his struggles to read & write, "People don't know this about me‚ but I have a problem with reading and writing‚ so school was really tough for me. It was a nightmare but I went back nonetheless," he said.

He then went on to say that after he came out of jail a while back‚ it was hard convincing the people around him that he was a new person and that he knew that completing his education was the sign that people needed to see that he was willing to become a better person, "I finally matriculated‚ it was hard but I did it. I had to memorise a lot of the words and I'm constantly spelling things wrong. Even to this day‚ I have a real problem with that. If you read some of the things I write‚ you'll probably find a lot of mistakes in there."

Despite finding it challenging to read or even write, Samthing Soweto has proven that it is possible to do anything your heart desires and that makes him an inspiration.

Image credit: Instagram/@samthingsoweto