Sbahle Mpisane no longer needs the assistance of life support

She is able to breathe on her own now 

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:55 PM

Sbahle Mpisane has been taken off life support

Good news as socialite and fitness star Sbahle Mpisane no longer needs life support as she can now breathe on her own. 

According to her father, Sbu Mpisane, Sbahle has been in the intensive care unit ever since the accident due to the multiple fractures to her legs and arms that she had suffered. Thankfully, her head was not injured in the accident.

As of today however, her father confirmed, in an interview with IOL, that Sbahle no longer needed the assistance of hospital machinery to breathe. 

He also stated that he is optimistic that she will recover.

Mpisane also addressed the controversial Doves Funeral Parlour saga stating that he is not bothered by it as he has to focus all his attention and energy on his daughter. 

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